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Hi Friends,


Thanks for clicking on my page.  Please take a moment and read how you can become a successful real estate investor – 100% guaranteed!


My name is Dwan Bent-Twyford.  I am the Nation’s #1 Foreclosure & Short Sale Expert.  I have personally closed over 1,000 real estate deals.  I have been blessed enough to have written two best-sellers.  Both books are dedicated to your success.  Whether you desire to be a millionaire real estate investor OR have found yourself upside down – I can help.


I have coached 1,000’s of people on how to buy and sell foreclosures, do successful short sales, become wealthy landlord’s, and much more.

I received this recently.  Take a moment and read it.  It will touch you...in fact – I cried when I read it:

    I am emailing each of you a copy of a check that I received this past Thursday upon closing a Short Sale.....

I wanted to THANK YOU.... without you I would not have had the courage and/or motivation to get out there and talk to people....We had done some real estate investing and had some discouragement, so we gave up.  We received an email about some training and coaching you were doing so we took a Step of Faith.... and we joined.  GOD BROUGHT US OUR ANGELS! – 
We have been going through TERRIBLE hard times.  Every possible thing that the enemy could throw at us, he threw.  Our bank account probably had less than $100 in it and we had just had our only vehicle repossessed, when we received this check!  I OWE IT ALL TO YOU FOLKS and I Thank the Lord for bringing the Teacher when the Student was ready!
    I have attached the copy of my check.  Please feel free to use it as a testimony to your Training and Coaching and please tell EVERYONE that you are not another Fly by Night bunch of Real Estate Course Sales People...... you really care about your students!
And thank you for the training calls that are TRUE TRAINING and not just Glorified SALES calls like so many other so called, "Gurus" out there.  They don't care about people like you do.  They just want to "Line their own Pockets" you all are NOT like that.
Again, Thank you and May God continue to Bless you all and make you all a Blessing to others.

Elisa K 



Isn’t that an incredible story?

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I am offering an incredible coaching opportunity to 27 lucky people.  I am going to personally coach you on Skype. This is "five days a week, any time of day, ask as many question as you'd like, looking over your paperwork" coaching.  All you have to do is commit to 12 months of coaching...that's it.


It's simply $179 dollars a month to have me, PERSONALLY, help you with any questions you may have and walk you through your deals.  If you do as I say – you will close unlimited deals.  If after two weeks you don’t like the way I coach – you are off the hook.  We will shake hands and part friends – well, maybe not friends...but we will partJ.

Imagine having someone like me – who has coached thousands of people to success and is actively involved in day-to-day real estate at your beck and call. I will coach you to become the next real estate investing millionaire.


Folks, Do it right now.  Again, if you coach with me for two weeks and are not happy with my personal one-on-one coaching style, I will let you out of the one year agreement...no questions asked. (The $179 for the first month is nonrefundable – hey – I have staff and expenses, too). 


Again - try it for two weeks and if you are unhappy - you have no further obligation...


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Let me share another quick testimonial I received this week.  Brian Peters was a broke guy who stopped by the local library because he could not afford ink for his printer…well, I’ll let him tell you the story:


I was a low paid PC repairman for most of my 20's, not going to college.  Although I know all there is about PC repair and networking etc, I really was 'burned out' on doing any more PC repair because of the declining need for repairs in my area coupled with now 'everyone' is doing it. I have worked on computers since I was 13 or 14 years old.

With a wife, a 6 year old and a new baby, I was really doing some soul searching about what my next move would be. I was praying and seeking God each and every day. One day, on my way to a service call I had to stop by the local library and print out the paperwork needed for the service call, since I was so broke I did not have paper or ink for my printer.

I stopped for a few moments and started perusing the books located in the 'real estate' section. I had been interested in real estate for the past few years but always thought that I had to have my 'own' money. I had 'flipped' a house and risked my dad's money in order to 'flip'. We finished the rehab on the house and searched for a buyer the conventional way, with realtors but that did not work because we did not have the home priced aggressively. This was also in 2007 during the housing 'crisis'.  My luck … to start something during a crisis. It has been how my life had been so far, just a little behind on the times.

But God had a different plan for me and my family! I saw a little purple book and it stuck out on the shelf. It said 'Short Sale Pre-Foreclosure Investing'. Something inside my head said 'check out that book!' Well I did and I have not looked back!

Dwan Twyford is an angel sent directly from heaven. I read that book twice from cover to cover and it details exactly what you need to do! She also took me under her wing and that next month, I had a deal and made over $19,000 bucks! Then two months later I had a deal sold for another $18,000! Although I split it with my dad since he helped sell the units, we are currently working 6 short sales and will be getting more deals now that we are starting to incorporate realtors into our business!

I am telling you Dwan is THE REAL DEAL and no one, I repeat NO ONE in this business knows how to do these deals like DWAN!

                She has inspired me to make more money and to put my destiny in MY HANDS! How is that for a REAL DEAL??!

 Brian P.


Folks, I have hundreds of these.  In fact, take a look at some for yourself.  Jump over to my youtube page AFTER you register for my personal mentoring and see what others are saying and doing. 


Also, on my youtube page you can see many of the training videos I have done.  You can see my relaxed, easy style of teaching and coaching.  I think you will find me to be a breath of fresh air.  Unlike most national speakers, I actually do my own coaching.  I don’t send you off to the “PUPPY MILL” of real estate coaching – the Vegas/Utah sales floor.  Yes, it’s true!  90% of you who have ever paid for guru coaching have been sent to a sales floor where you are trained by people just like you – people who read a program and haven’t closed a deal yet.  I get so tired of professional speakers taking advantage of nice folks, like you, who just want to make some money while helping others.


That is why I am offering personal coaching with me on SKYPE for just $179 a month!  That’s it…$179 a month.


Join these smiling faces and become a millionaire real estate investor – I will hold your hand every step of the way…


From The Heart,

Dwan Bent-Twyford

No God - No Peace
Know God - Know Peace



Q.  Dwan – I’m still not quite convinced.  Why should I pick you over all the others?

                First, I have been investing almost 20 years.  I have been on MSNBC, Fox & Friends, and hundreds of other national television and radios stations. I am the absolute #1 foreclosure and short sale expert in the country.  I wrote the FIRST short sale training manual for investors.  The other guru’s learned from me, even Ron LeGrand, Robert Kiyosaki, and Russ Whitney!  I have spoken on stages with Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, and more.  Do I tell you this to brag – NO!  I just want you to know that you are NOT dealing with an amateur when you deal with me.


Q.  Why do you offer coaching so cheap when Robert Kiyosaki’s coaching can cost anywhere from $6,000 up to $30,000?

                That’s easy.  I started as a single mom with $75 bucks in my pocket and I feel the plight of folks with no cash.  I was so broke that I used the welfare system for awhile.  I was miserable and no one would give me a break.  Once I cracked the code to real estate investing (which I did by the seat of my pants), I realized I had something to teach others and I am trying to teach as many as I can in hopes that you will teach others.  By the laws of multiplication, together, we can help thousands get started investing and helping distressed homeowners who have NO ONE to turn to.  You are stuck in a rut – you need money to start, you have no money so you can’t start, but you need money to start.  I want to give you that start.


Q.  If you are so busy coaching, when do you have time for real estate?  I don’t want to learn stuff that worked 10 years ago.  I want current information.

                That’s an easy one.  Once you establish a successful business, you can run it on autopilot.  By delegating many of my daily tasks to others, it frees me to do what I love and that is to help others – both investors and underwater homeowners alike.  Nothing gives me greater joy than to receive testimonial letters like the ones above.  To know that I made a difference in the life of another is an incredible high – and since I don’t do drugs anymore - I love itJ…you know I’m kidding, right?


Q.  Can you REALLY help me?  I have spent over $10,000 with other guru’s and still haven’t closed a deal.

                Not only can I help you – I will guarantee it.  You work with me, give me a chance, and you will close a deal.  Together, we will change your financial future.  If it works for a single mom who had been fired from Denny’s – it will work for YOU!


Friends – DO IT NOW!  You will not regret one single minute that you spend with me!!!



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